holtan armand: 2 months

I can hardly believe this little guy is 2 months old already. Time is flying and he is changing so much everyday.

Current stats and things I don't want to forget:

I don't know how much he weighs or how long he is, we go to the doc on March 22, so we will get an update then. My guess maybe 10 lbs? He is definitely getting some thigh rolls, elbow and hand dimples, and chubby cheeks.

Around week 7, he grew eyelashes.

He still has crazy hair that sticks straight up, I love it.

He smiles, coos, and says "Gee" when he's crying. He focuses on objects (lights) and is much more engaging when you talk to him.

He hasn't figured out his hands and feet are his yet, but he definitely has been moving them more. 

He is still exclusively breast fed, but does take a bottle when we need him to, and occasionally likes a pacifier. 

He is in size 1 diapers, but we are slowly transitioning to cloth. He has the cutest fluffy butt in cloth diapers. 

He is up 1-2 times a night, usually around 3 in the morning to feed. He goes right back to sleep. He's been sleeping nights in his crib since 5 weeks. He loves to take naps in his swing and still loves to be in the ring sling or wrap on mommy. He has had a few nights where he has gone longer (6 hours) and one night where he slept from 9:30 to 5 am! We are hoping those nights become more frequent! 

We had to put the newborn clothes away (so sad!), and he is now wearing 0-3 month clothes, he mostly hangs out in onesies and socks, but definitely prefers to be naked!

He loves bath time with Daddy! It calms him for bedtime, and I'm hoping the love of water continues so we can have a lot of lake time this summer! 

He has been to Minneapolis to meet his buddy Brady, who is 3 weeks younger, and took a 3 day trip to Kansas City. He did awesome in the car.. slept the whole way. 

Every day he seems to grow a little (and sometimes a lot) more and is changing so fast! It has been so much fun to watch his little personality start coming out. 



Stuff i loved when I was pregnant.

I really enjoyed being pregnant. There were days when it was uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but all in all I had a really good pregnancy. I was able to walk and practice yoga up until I gave birth, and I gave myself some grace when it came to food (I didn't deny myself). Looking back, there was definitely a few things that made my pregnancy even better, and if you yourself are pregnant, I highly suggest looking into these....

 1. A snoogle body pillow. This is a serious game changer for sleep. Luckily I didn't have too much trouble sleeping, but I had this pillow since my first trimester, so I didn't know what it was like to try sleep without it. 

2. Maternity outerwear (if you're pregnant in the winter).  I held off on buying a winter jacket, but when I found one at Old Navy for $40, I bought it. As soon as I put it on I was so grateful that I got it. It fit (yay!) AND kept me warm. I was trying to skimp, but really having a winter jacket is worth the money. I do still have my eye on this though... for baby wearing and any future babies.. 

3. Maternity clothes that make you feel good. Another thing that I didn't have problems spending a little money on was maternity clothes. When you're pregnant, your body changes so much in the 10 months. I got some t shirts and tops from Old Navy, and jeans from Pink Blush. 

4. Water bottles. Plural. I love my eco bottles and my insulated tumbler from Tupperware. Obviously there are a million kinds of water bottles out there, I suggest you have several. So, so thirsty.

5. Epsom salt baths. This isn't so much something you have, but I have taken so many warm baths with lavender epsom salts, and they always make me feel relaxed and help my aching body feel better. 

6. Low impact exercise, for me walking. I love to walk. I did a lot of walking during this pregnancy. 

7. Yoga. 

8. Sweettarts. or whatever it is you're craving. Don't deny yourself, as long as you aren't diabetic.

9. A bra that fits. This is a no brainer, but this was another thing I tried to skimp on for a long time. I went in to get measured and had them help me pick a bra that could grow with me if I got even bigger. Now to find a supportive, comfortable nursing bra....

What are your pregnancy must haves??

thoughts on 2 weeks postpartum

I wrote this post 2 weeks after Holtan was born, and in my fog of new babyness, I never got it posted, thinking I wanted to edit it and add pictures.. that's funny, like I have time for that. So here it is, a month and a half late, unedited and without photos... I'm publishing it, because it's part of our story, and I don't want to forget this part. 

So far, so good here. Breast feeding has been great. At first, of course, it was uncomfortable, but since day 1, Holtan has just seemed to know what to do, my milk came in, and we haven't really struggled. I honestly can't believe how amazing breast feeding is, how my body knows to produce just the right amount for him, and how he knows how to get it from me. Nature rocks.

Sleep is broken and whenever I can get it. I'm up several times throughout the night changing diapers, and nursing him, but those late night feedings, when its just the two of us, are pretty special.

I'm so, so tired. I'm lucky to have Dave and his help, and I'm able to sleep a little during the day.

About a week after he was born, I hit my lowest point. It was an ice storm, I hadn't been out of the house for 3 days, I had been in pajamas for over a week, and I was so, so tired. I cried a little that day, about feeling completely overwhelmed, mostly by people wanting to come visit. Actually, that has probably been the hardest thing for me to manage. While I know it is all in good intention and everyone is very excited to meet our much anticipated little man, I have struggled with managing visits from friends and family. Luckliy, everyone is very understanding. But when someone visits during the day time, that means I miss out on precious sleep time, and then I also have to be up all night long. Not a good combo. My turning point was getting out of the house to have coffee with a friend, then a solo trip to Target. This COMPLETELY changed my attitude. I was me again, not just a milk producing mom. I HIGHLY suggest to any new mom, when you feel up to it, find a friend to take you out to lunch or coffee or something during that second week. Game changer. 

I had my placenta encapsulated, which I think has helped with my mood. While there are many benefits to encapsulated your placenta, combating postpartum depression was my main goal. Overall, it has been good, and I can't really complain, except that I'm tired (have I mentioned that?)

I also feel a little pressure to work, which stinks, because I'm technically supposed to be on maternity leave, but when you own your own business, there really is no such thing as maternity leave. I still have to check the email, phone messages, and get back to people about Natural Plus things. Spring is still coming. But I am trying to give myself grace and only do a little bit each day, and let the stuff that doesn't really matter sit on the back burner for awhile. 

This motherhood stuff is truly amazing. I'm tired, but totally in love with this little human that relies on me every 2 hours to feed him and comfort him. It's totally cliche, but becoming a mom for the second time has been the hardest, most rewarding thing I've ever done. And we're just getting started.


He's here!

I'm just a few weeks late, but I wanted to introduce our newest crew member!

Holtan Armand Hopper was born Sunday morning, January 8, 2017 at 3:34 am, weighing 5 lbs, 15.8 oz and 19.5 inches long. 


The last 2 weeks have been a blur of baby snuggles, middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, growing, naps, and love.

Lots of love. 


We could't be happier. 

And we wait...

As we hit 39 weeks pregnant, the anticipation and anxiety are mounting...

What will this birth be like?

Will we have a baby boy or girl?

How will I feel after?

What will life be like when we bring this nugget home? 

How long will it take to "adjust"--whatever that means?

photo by jami milne

photo by jami milne

So many questions that will be answered in time.  

photo by jami milne

photo by jami milne

Until then, we wait. 

Thoughts on 37 weeks.

Today marks 37 weeks. 

photo cred: Jami Milne.

photo cred: Jami Milne.

We are so, so close. 

I have so many emotions, thoughts, and feelings, but mostly the anticipation and excitement wins over all of it.  In 2, maybe 3 weeks, we will have a baby joining us (and maybe before!)

I taught my last yoga class a couple weeks ago, at 35 weeks. I feel so fortunate that I was able to keep teaching yoga throughout my pregnancy. And this week, I went to class, and plan to go each week until this baby makes his/her debut! Yoga has so many benefits, both physical and mental and especially for my stretched and bulky body, and my anxious and nervous mind! 

We are up to once a week doctor appointments and have had extra testing (non stress and ultrasounds) every week to make sure baby is still doing okay! And so far, so good! I am ready to be done with weekly appointments, but I know it is temporary, and worth it. 

I love this photo of the front of the baby's face. The ultrasound was showing chubby cheeks and hair. :)

I was so fortunate to have our friend Jami drive up from Des Moines to spend the afternoon with me on Tuesday, snapping photos of my belly. I have only seen a few of her shots so far, but I know I am going to be so grateful that she documented this time. 

photo cred: Jami Milne.

photo cred: Jami Milne.

It is a time of waiting. We are resting, and sleeping in (while we still can) and enjoying our time just the three of us (Lena is ready to be a big sister too!) 

The outpouring of love for this sweet baby has been overwhelming (in a good way) and so, so appreciated. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!