thoughts on 31 weeks

On more positive and brighter news.....

We're just chugging along on this pregnancy train! Choo choo! 

31 weeks. 

I continue to expand around the middle, and I know it will only continue. Yay!

There is less and less room in my torso for my lungs and stomach, making it hard to breathe, and also to digest the amount of tacos I prefer to eat. But I know this is temporary, and soon I will be eating as many tacos as I want again.

I'm excited to see what the next 9 weeks bring for me. 9 weeks. He/she will be earth side in 9 weeks or less. Yay!

We finally got registered at Target. We have no idea what we're doing. But I'm not worried about it. We have enough love and time and energy (right now!) to give this baby what it needs. We will figure it out as it goes. 

I'm having a baby shower. Because that's what you're supposed to do. I feel weird and awkward asking people for gifts, but for some reason when you have a little nugget inside you, people want to buy you stuff. So I guess, bring on the stuff (but only if its on my registry please!--i'm only kidding!) 

I'm still feeling really good. Still teaching yoga once a week. I do have a pain in my right shoulder blade and daylight savings time is really messing with me. I'm ready for bed around 7:30 and am lucky to make it to 9 pm. I'm definitely feeling a lot of my energy going straight to the baby, who enjoys kicking me right in the ribs hourly. 

This time feels like a time of limbo. A time of anticipation, yet a time of unknowns. How will this baby be born? When? What will life be like after? 

I'm trying not to have expectations but its hard not to envision our lives come January. 

The next few weeks will be spent finishing up some house projects, collecting lots of baby stuff, enjoying family and a slower pace of life over the holidays, and resting.

Lots of resting. 

Cheers to 31 weeks!




thoughts on 28 weeks

28 weeks. 

We made it. 

This is the moment in my pregnancy where I breathe a sigh of relief.  

We had a doctor's appointment last week, at 27 weeks.  

It was a year and a half ago where we went to the same appointment, at 27 weeks, with David, where I drank that delicious orange drink in preparation for my glucose screen, and then was given the worst news of my life. 

But this 27 week appointment was different. I left the clinic on cloud nine. The baby's heart beat is strong. His/her head is measuring at 29 weeks (yikes!) and everything else is measuring right where it should. At 27+ weeks.

I've been waiting for this. I needed this appointment to go well. I needed this pregnancy to go well.

And so far, so good!

I had a minor set back and had to go in for the 4 hour glucose screen, but good news, I passed! 

I'm starting to expand around the middle. I'm feeling WAY more movement and I LOVE IT.  I love every minute of it. 

I'm still craving sweettarts, but definitely finding more ways to get those delicious seasonal root vegetables and greens into my diet. 

I'm not worried about my weight, I'm staying active, doing yoga 2-3 times/week and I'm still spinning (although I'm nearing the end of this) once/week. 

We are allowing ourselves to envision what our lives are going to be like in January. It's going to be here so soon!

And I'm letting myself get excited. Knowing nothing is guaranteed, but also knowing things are different.  

I can't wait to meet this little nugget.

clear lake farm to fork dinner 2016

Since I quit my 8-5 job and have more flexibility in my work day, I made it a goal of mine to volunteer. I've dabbled in the local food movement, helping out with the Clear Lake Farmer's Market and last year, on the committee for the 2nd Annual Farm to Fork (F2F) Dinner.  

This year, I knew I wanted to help organize the Third Annual F2F dinner. I'm passionate about locally grown, healthy food, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to give back, all while being involved with my passions. 

We have been busy planning the Third Annual Clear Lake Farm to Fork dinner, which will be held Saturday, October 15, from 6-9, at the greenhouse at Opportunity Village

It's going to be a FUN evening full of delicious local foods prepared by Sips North Shore Kitchens, Be WellnessOpportunity Village kitchen, and Starboard Market. A four course meal will be served, including appetizers during social hour at 6 pm, followed by salad, a main course focused around cornish hen, followed by dessert. Click here for more menu details!! You're welcome to bring your own wine or beer. Live music for the evening will be provided by BJ Huffman 

Proceeds from this great fundraiser go to support the Clear Lake Farmer's Market, kick start the Share Life summer Kids Cafe, plant the Clear Creek Elementary School Garden and purchase plants for the Central Gardens Children's Garden.

Tickets are now available for purchase at the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, BE WELLness & Healing House Herb Shop so make sure you get them soon, I know they will sell out fast!